Coloplast InterDry Textile 10x18

with FourFold Technology™

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A knitted polyester textile dressing with silver complex, InterDry® provides effective antimicrobial action for up to five days and significantly improves the symptoms associated with intertrigo, maceration, denudement, inflammation, itching, erythema and satellite lesions. The fabric functions by wicking moisture away to keep skin dry and provides a friction reducing surface to reduce the risk of skin tears and pressure ulcers. InterDry is latex-free and has a 2-year shelf life.


How to use InterDry:

  1. Wash skin gently. Pat dry, do not rub.
  2. Cut the appropriate size of fabric with clean scissors, allowing a minimum of 2 inches of the fabric exposed outside the skin fold for moisture evaporation.
  3. Lay a single layer of fabric in the skin fold, placing one edge of the fabric into the base of the fold. Gently smooth the rest of the fabric over the skin, keeping it flat.
  4. Leave at least 2 inches of the fabric exposed outside the skin fold.
  5. Secure the fabric in one of several ways; with the skin fold, with a small amount of tape, or tucked under clothing.
  6. Remove the fabric before bathing and reuse when finished. When removing the fabric from skin folds, gently separate the skin fold and lift away fabric.


Helpful Tips:

  • Each piece of InterDry® may be used up to 5 days, depending on fabric soiling, odor, amount of moisture and general skin condition.
  • Do not use creams, ointments or powders with InterDry® as it may reduce the moisture-wicking ability.
  • InterDry® can be written on with a ballpoint pen. It may be helpful to label each piece of InterDry® with the date you started using it.
  • InterDry fabric is not a wound dressing and should not be placed directly onto an open wound. Should not be used by people with a known sensitivity to silver.
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