How to use InterDry®

How to use Interdry
1.  Wash skin gently. Pat, do not rub.
2.  With clean scissors, cut enough fabric to cover the affected area, allowing for a minimum of 2 inches to extend beyond the skin fold for moisture evaporation.
3.  Lay a single layer of fabric in the skin fold, placing one edge into the base of the fold. Gently smooth the rest of the fabric over the skin, keeping it flat.
4.  Leave at least 2 inches of fabric exposed outside the skin fold.
5.  Secure the fabric in one of several ways: with the skin fold, witha small amount of skin-friendly tape, or tucked under clothing.
6.  Remove the fabric before bathing and reuse it when finished. When removing, gently separate the skin fold and lift away.
Refer to product package for complete instructions including directions for us, indications, precautions, warnings, storage, and other information. If skin irritation does not improve or worsens over time, talk to a physician or other health care professional.
Helpful Hints
Helpful Hints
1. InterDry® can be written on with a ballpoint pen. It may be helpful to label each piece of InterDry® with the date you started using it.
2.  Each piece of InterDry® may be used up to 5 days, depending on fabric soiling, odor, amount of moisture and general skin condition. Replace InterDry® if it becomes soiled with blood, urine or stool.
3.  Do not use creams, ointments, or powders with InterDry® as it may interfere with product efficacy.